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Dr. Stan’s Saber Tooth Tiger Healing Tale of Power (approx. 11 minutes)




Dr. Stan and Ra’s Big Laugh

Dr. Stan explains how laughter as a bodily function is unique, how it is different than an orgasm, and then Ra and Dr. Stan enjoy a side-splitting laugh.) (approx. 2 minutes)




Ra and I enjoy saying the following mantra before each meal.

Over time, we have come to know that what we think about becomes more prominent in our experience. By effortlessly saying this mantra in Sanskrit before each meal, we evolve the awareness to never entertain negativity.

When one never supports negativity with his or her thoughts, actions, and speech, then only those life supporting thoughts, actions and words that we do generate are reflected back to us, and the world we live in is filled with Bliss, love, happiness, joy and unbounded fulfillment.

Saha nāv avatu

Om! Let us be together.
Let us eat together.
Let us be vital together.
Radiating Truth; radiating the light of life
Never shall we denounce anyone; never entertain negativity.
~ Taittiriya Upanishad


Saha nāv avatu
Saha nau bhunaktu.
Saha vīryaṃ karav-āvahai.
Tejasvi nāv adhītam astu.
Mā vidviṣh-āvahai.
Mā vidviṣh-āvahai.




Dr. Stan’s – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Dr. Stan’s Panel Discussion on Refined (“Celestial”) Perception – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Dr. Stan Kendz accepts The Outstanding PhD Award at MUM!






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