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It is our sincere desire that you enjoy radiant good-health and abundant, joyful prosperity for many, many, many years to come. I trust you will enjoy reading my book, Forever Healthy—Introduction to Maharishi Ayur-Veda Health Care and VPK. In it, I introduce Maharishi Amrit Kalash* (Ambrosia and Nectar) – the two most powerful and beneficial herbal supplements ever validated through scientific research (see pages: 45, 65, 167 of Forever Healthy).


Taking these ancient and time-tested Ayurvedic VPK herbal formulas has convinced me, over many years of direct personal experience, that they do as much to cultivate and stabilize higher states of consciousness as they do to nurture total mind-body health and well-being.


Three additional benefits that I find most positively life changing are a more settled mind, an expanding sense of Self, and increasing lively Self-referral awareness. Collectively, these benefits have resulted in improved clarity of thought, radiant physical health, clearer and more frequent experiences of creativity and intuition (which result in an increased ability to fulfill desires), and increased meaningful and timely experiences of the Support of Nature Phenomenon. To understand the meaning of the phrase: Support of Nature, I defer to the following commentary provided by the late world-renowned Vedic scholar Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

“Activity Promoted by Pure Consciousness is the Activity Upheld by the Infinite Organizing Power of the unified field (Samhita) of natural law. This is commonly known as ‘Support of Nature’…”

(Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1995d, p. 360)


The Support of Nature Phenomenon:

Maharishi Vedic Science describes the Support of Nature Phenomenon, often referred to as luck and good fortune, as the innate, ability of any Self-referral individual to spontaneously and effortlessly create and administer the infinitely organizing Laws of Nature, to fulfill personal desires and professional goals.


To this end, Ra and I invite you to begin enjoying the health and consciousness benefits of Maharishi’s consciousness-based, Ayurvedic, VPK herbal formulas now by visiting ‘’. Enter my name: Stan Kendz as a referral during your new account creation, and on your entire first order, you will receive a 20% credit toward a future order and all of your future orders earn and 5% credit which you may apply to your future orders.


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