“The Good Luck Doctor Can Help You Increase Your Good Fortune” (continued)


As we have seen above, ancient Vedic Science (as well as leading edge contemporary science) has identified that Pure-Consciousness is the essential constituent of the universe, the “fundamental nature of reality”. Therefore, we can say that Pure-Consciousness is the source, process, and expression of everything in creation.

The Good Luck Doctor has taken a lifetime to become the world’s leading authority on good luck and good fortune, and he is delighted to freely share his knowledge and resources with everyone who wishes to live a more enjoyable and fulfilling life—a life of health, happiness, good fortune, and the ability to effortlessly and spontaneously fulfill all of your desires.

The following is a partial list of some of the unique Consciousness-Based products and services which (when metabolized with supportive personal experience and accurate knowledge) supports, promotes, and establishes what is conceivably the most rapid growth of consciousness currently available on earth.

A) The Good Luck Doctor offers the following:

1. Consciousness-Based Services:

Key-note presentations, talks, workshops, retreats, residence courses, personal coaching, mentoring, consultations, reframing of personal stories, and a variety of personal and group readings grounded in the consciousness of his lively Self-referral awareness.

 2. Consciousness-Based Products:

Herbal and plant based products that engage the consciousness and intelligence of the plant kingdom to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health, and that nurture and stabilize the boundless growth of personal consciousness.

 3. Healing Stories:

Based on the oral traditions of indigenous peoples the world over, Dr. Stan engages his insightful ability to impart knowledge, foster experience, and heal all through his unique art of storytelling.

 4. Resources and Links:

Links to empowering resources that contain critical knowledge capable of expanding your personal beliefs and boundaries; and which in turn, support the rapid advancement of individual and collective consciousness.








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