“Vedic architecture will promote thinking and behavior in accord with Natural Law to prevent chaos, conflict, and failure.”

“Sthapatya Veda provides the knowledge to connect the individual with his cosmic potential.

When discussing the simple rules of Maharishi Vedic architecture, Maharishi commented:

“If these rules are not followed, the thinking of the people will not be in accord with the evolutionary direction of Natural Law — and they will create problems for themselves and others… The architect who designed a capital building in a country may be renowned, but if the orientation—Vastu—is crooked, it will produce problems for the government.”

Maharishi said that government leaders have been unable to understand—much less adopt—his simple message of how to create world peace because they are working in an improper Vastu, which clouds the thinking process:

“Government leaders may be well-meaning, but nothing in government will succeed until the Vastu is corrected.”

Maharishi added a final message to government leaders:

“With the knowledge of total Natural Law, you can create a perfect government and a perfect human race. For that, Sthapatya Veda is very necessary for every government in every country. Take it and enjoy, or don’t take it and continue to suffer. The choice is yours.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, February 16, 2004

To Graduates of a Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course

“If you are not living in a proper Vastu, then it will mean that you have not brought electricity in your house, as if you are living in a dark house. Vastu is very, very important; it is absolutely important. And when you are living in Vastu, don’t go anywhere where you have to spend the night in a non-Vastu house; absolutely don’t go. The whole set up of the brain functioning is completely uneven when you live in the non-Vastu houses. When you live in a Vastu house, then, particularly, when you go to a non-Vastu house, in one to two days you will begin to feel like a fish out of water. That coherence, that harmony, that peace, that softness that you feel inside in your Vastu home, it loses its evenness; it loses its bliss. So, try to live in Vastu. You have heard this from me so many times.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Serbia, September 8, 2005


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