Aura and Jyotish (Vedic-astrology)

Aura Readings

Humans have the innate ability to directly see and interpret the auras of life. As Consciousness-based Beings, it is our enjoy more expanded states of birthright to refine our perceptions and consciousness. We can then, as Einstein proclaimed, “Actually know the Mind of God”

Seeing auras opens up a completely new subtle world of knowing through the languages of color and light. Perception of these subtle qualities of consciousness provide information about personal security, emotions, traumas, strength, energy, health, healing, insight, spiritual integration communication, and compassion; and they can all be easily accessed.

In this way, subtle, albeit valuable, knowledge about our true nature is revealed to us.

Dr. Stan offers personal Aura Readings during which he will observe and discuss your subtle auric patterns and share recommendations and observations that have the potential to facilitate the release of stress, and expedite one’s personal growth toward increased happiness.

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish Readings

This book by Professor Nader describes the details of his discovery of the total intelligence of Natural Law in human physiology, a discovery for which he received the award of his weight in gold in February 1998. ISBN-13: 978-8175230170, ISBN-10: 8175230177


The structure of the human physiology reflects the structure of the entire universe. The sun, moon, planets, and stars have been shown to be the counterparts of inner structures of the human brain, the cell, and the DNA. These diagrams shows the relationship of the planets (Grahas) with the internal structures of the brain and the various areas of the body.


A direct correlation was also shown to exist between the cells in our bodies and their internal components. In human cells, the nucleus represents the ruler of the cell and is directly associated with the sun, which is located in the center of our universe.


Appreciation of our connectedness to the universe is in itself evolutionary. Understanding how you as an individual are influenced by the infinite organizing structure of Natural Law provides you with insights that enable us to maximize opportunities while minimizing and avoiding the hazards and dangers approaching before they become experienced as problems. In these ways Jyotish astrology not only helps us, but through us increases the steadiness and orderliness of our family, community, society and ultimately our dear world family and the universe.)


Each of us can help avert problems, improve society, and create balance and coherence in the world by providing ourselves with advance knowledge. When used intelligently, this knowledge aligns us with the limitless, spontaneous, and synchronistic power of Natural Law, completely supporting the growth of the individual, society, our world, and our entire universe.






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