“What is Consciousness-based and Why is it Important?” (…continued)


Without knowing all the laws that govern all the systems, the systems of the world are much too complex for perfect management. We are aware that contemporary personal and social administration theories have resulted in (and continue to perpetuate) a world where multiple, scientifically predicted, global-catastrophes threaten to cause epic natural systems failures and extinctions, including the extinction of our own species. Therefore, it is reasonable to deduce that only by administrating from the seat of all the Laws of Nature can life be totally fulfilling and perfectly orderly.

Human kind is blessed with the ability to integrate his consciousness with Pure-consciousness, the seat of Natural Law. Thus integrated, one can effortlessly administer the sustainable orderliness of both one’s personal life and that of one’s society from the level of Pure-Consciousness—Lively Self-referral Consciousness. Functioning from the level of Lively Self-referral Consciousness one lives a privileged life, taking spontaneous right action, feeling filled with bliss, and enjoying the infinite and spontaneous support of all the Laws of Nature.








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