“Increasing Good Luck is Not What You Think” (…continued)

Analysis of my research data validated this concept as proposed by the research of King & Herriott as follows:

Through this alignment with natural law, executives (individuals) develop within themselves the same managing intelligence by which Nature manages the infinite diversity of the universe. As pure consciousness is experienced more fully and integrated with waking activity, managers (individuals) gain the Support of Natural Law, not only for themselves, but for all the activities of the firm (family or organization). This form of management fundamentally assures success for both the manager (individual) and for the company (family or organization they are associated with). (King & Herriott, 1997, p. 230)[1]


Pure Consciousness, Home of All the Laws of Nature, and Expression of the Manifest Structure of Nature


The above figure illustrates that intelligence and matter—subjectivity and objectivity—appear separate and distinct only on the surface, manifest level of existence. At less excited, more refined levels, they are closely related. At the level of unmanifest Pure Consciousness—unbounded awareness, consciousness is the common source of subjective and objective experience. From the source level of Pure-Consciousness, an individual influences nature effortlessly through an impulse of consciousness.


The evidence of my research supports the consciousness-based management theory that fundamentally the mental and physical (intelligence and matter) are from the same source, and capable of being effortlessly and spontaneously managed at the level of lively Self-referral awareness—Transcendental consciousness—Pure consciousness—the Unified Field.


Just like true love is aligned with the Laws of Nature and results in feelings of bliss, wonder, appreciation, compassion, and the thrills and achievements that only true love can bring, my scientific research into the fundamental nature of good luck and good fortune revealed a similar finding. Namely, when an individual makes the commitment to become routinely aligned and integrated with Pure Consciousness, seat of all the Laws of Nature, this integration enables one to increasingly experience and enjoy the following:

  1. Spontaneously Increased Good Luck and Good Fortune
  2. Increased and Effortless Fulfillment of Desire
  3. Improved Wellness, and Ultimately, Personal Invincibility


[1] King, K. D., & Herriott, S. R. (1997). Beyond the Current Paradigm in Management Thought: Alignment with Natural Law through Maharishi Vedic Management. Modern science and Vedic science, 225-238.








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